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Configure Windows Updates on many computers with Powershell

This function can be used to configure Windows Updates on many computers. The script can be downloaded from the Microsoft Script Center Repository.

This Powershell function will change Windows Updates configuration on many computers to either disable updates, check only, download only, or download and automatically install updates.

To use it, download it, run it in Powershell_ISE for example, then run:


This will setup Windows Updates to ‘Install updates automatically’ on the local computer:


To set Windows Automatic Updates on computers listed in the file “.\Computers.txt” to ‘Download updates but let me choose whether to install them’:

Set-WindowsUpdates -ComputerName (Get-Content “.\Computers.txt”) -Options DownloadOnly -Verbose


To set Windows Automatic Updates on all computers in AD to ‘Install updates automatically’:

Set-WindowsUpdates -ComputerName ((Get-ADComputer -Filter * ).Name) -Options Install

To set Windows Automatic Updates on all running VMs on the Hyper-V Host “HVHost01” to ‘Check for updates but let me choose wether to download and install them’:

$VMs = (Get-VM -ComputerName “HVHost01” | Where { $_.State -eq “Running” }).VMName
Set-WindowsUpdates -ComputerName $VMs -Options CheckOnly