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DOT NET 3.5 for Windows 10 Technical Preview

DOT NET 3.5 was often hard to install on Windows 8, 8.1, 2012, and 2012 R2. I tested installing it on Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise:


In Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features, click turn Windows features on or off, and check the “.NET Framework 3.5” box and click OK


Click “Download files from Windows Update”






It just works!

Same can be done via the DISM command line utility:

DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:NetFx3 /All


Again it works just fine!


Using SysPrep with Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise

SysPrep.exe is a tool located under c:\windows\system32\SysPrep folder. It can be used to “generalize” a Windows installation to be used for automated deployment instead of doing every fresh install from the ISO media.

After doing a fresh install of Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise as a Gen 2 VM on Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V host, I ran Windows updates, enabled Remote Desktop, installed 2 Windows updates updates, rebooted, installed RSAT, then I ran SysPrep.exe


I chose to “Generalize” and “Shutdown”, so that I can copy the VM’s VHDX file to be used for other Windows 10 Technical Preview machine deployments.

Sysprep will prepare the system and shutdown the computer.

After copying the VHDX file, I restarted the VM:


Set Region and Language, accept license agreement, skip product key:



Although the product key was skipped, later on after the machine was setup and rebooted, Windows auto-activated. No need to enter a product key or manually activate:


Windows 10 Technical Preview and Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise license expires April 15, 2015.

Enter a user name and password:



  • Do NOT join the domain prior to running Sysprep. It will fail with “Fatal error” similar to this: Win10e32
  • Currently Sysprep does not let you use a local account that was setup prior to running SysPrep. You will have to setup another local account when using the SysPrep’d image
  • Local Administrator account is disabled by default on Windows 10 Technical Preview


Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise updates

On 10/2/2014 I ran Windows Updates on a plain vanilla installation of Windows 10  Technical Preview for Enterprise. It found 1 update:


I installed, and rebooted


It took a little longer than expected for a Gen 2 VM. After reboot, I looked for installed updates, and found 2 (!):


The first update is KB3001512 which addresses these issues:

  • In Windows Technical Preview, certain devices do not receive firmware or driver updates.
  • Adobe Flash update does not contain premium video playback.
  • Some problems in the Compatibility View list for Internet Explorer 11

The second update is KB3002675. Powershell shows that its information link is but this seems to be a broken link at this time..


Windows 10 Technical Preview – early look at the user interface

Just installed Windows 10 Technical Preview as a Gen 2 VM on Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V. Here’s what we know:

It comes with IE 11:



The start menu looks like a combo of Windows 7 and Windows 8 tile:



I pinned the Powershell icons to the task bar, they were not there before..

Clicking on the logged on name on top bring up 3 options:



Trying the “Change account picture”:



I browsed to a picture and selected it. The browse dialog box defaulted to the Pictures folder:


The Lock option worked as expected:


By default it brought on the on screen keyboard..

The Sign out option had an error:

Win10a18Sign out anyway option worked, and I was signed out.

If you click All Apps at the bottom of the start menu you see:


Trying the search field:


I clicked Computer Management link on top expecting to get this:


but instead I got a Bing search:


I was able to get to the Computer Management tool via right-clicking on “This PC” in File Explorer and choosing Manage:


It seems anything you search for in the “Search Anywhere” box simply brings a Bing search..

See this link for information on how to switch between the Windows 7 style start menu and the Windows 8 style start screen (tiles)

Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview as Gen 2 VM on Hyper-V 2012 R2

win10Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview today 10/1/2014 shortly after noon time. Here’s how the installation went:

Media: ISO file:


Setup: Gen 2 VM on Server 2012 R2 hypevisor, 50 GB disk, mounted the iso, 2 GB startup dynamic RAM, 1 GB minimum, 8 GB maximum, 4 cores.


After a reboot, this screen came up:

Win10a02I clicked Settings:


And, of course, I clicked “Customize”


I went with “Yes”


These are the default settings. For this test, I’m accepting all defaults


I’m pleasantly surprised that these are the defaults!


I did not like those much..

Win10a08 The familiar “Checking your Internet connection” message


I had DHCP turned off on the network, so the VM did not pick up an IP address and could not connect to the Internet automatically. This is what I wanted. So, I clicked “Create a local account”


A Password hint is required.


and the familiar “Finalizing your settings” message..

and the desktop appeared. Installation is complete!

No key or license was needed.

That was quick and painless. No crash, no blue screen, no surprise. So far so good!!

I entered an IP address and was connected to the network and the Internet:



And the OS version was:



I got a copy of the ISO for Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise:


Installation was identical to the above. I cannot see any differences from the version above. Both seem to be the Client OS version of Windows 10