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Using Powershell to get list of all Domain Controllers with static IPs and email it as CSV file attachment

This is an update of a prior post. It adds the functionality of exporting the output to CSV format that can be opened in Excel, and emailing it out.


# Script to list domain controllers with static IP addresses
# Sam Boutros
# 6/13/2014 – Rev 1
# 6/16/2014 – Rev 2 – Write output to CSV file, email it out
$MailRelay = “,yyy” # Put the FQDN or IP address of your SMTP relay server here
$SMTPPort = 25 # Replace port number if needed
$Sender = “Sam Boutros <>” # Edit this line to update the email sender
$Recipients = “Recipient1 <>”, “R2 <>” # Put email recipients here
$EmailSubject = “List of domain controllers with static IPv4 addresses”
$EmailBody = “Please see attached list of domain controllers with static IPv4 addresses”
# End data entry section
$Loc = Get-Location
$Date = Get-Date -format yyyyMMdd_hhmmsstt
$CSVfile = $Loc.path + “\DCsWithStaticIPs_” + $Date + “.csv”
write-output “Listing all domain controllers with static IPs:”
$DCs = Get-ADDomainController -Filter *
write-output ‘DC Name,Static IPv4’ | out-file -Filepath $CSVfile -append -encoding ASCII
foreach ($DC in $DCs.Hostname)
$ints = Get-WmiObject -ComputerName $DC -Query “select IPAddress from Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration where IPEnabled=TRUE and DHCPEnabled=FALSE”
ForEach ($int in $ints.IPAddress)
if ($int.Contains(“.”)) # This is IPv4, not IPv6
write-output “DC Name: $DC, Static IPv4: $int”
$csvline = $DC + ‘,’ + $int
write-output $CSVline | out-file -Filepath $CSVfile -append -encoding ASCII

send-mailmessage -from $Sender -to $Recipients -subject $EmailSubject -body $EmailBody -Attachments $CSVfile -smtpServer $MailRelay -Port $SMTPPort