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File share migration – Phase 3 – importing file share information

Following Phase 2 of file share migration, phase 3 will import file share information. That’s share names, associated share paths, and share level permissions. Fortunately, this information is stored under the registry key


During phase 1 of the file share migration, the Get-FileShares function has already copied these registry entries to a .reg file for us and saved it to the source server. Line 4 of the log file identified exact location:

2015.03.11 02:55:09 PM: Information is saved in file \\NYFILSRV01P-SK3\C$\WINDOWS\Shares.reg

To import all these settings simply browse to and double-click on this .reg file from the new Windows 2012 R2 server to import it into the registry.


Click Yes to proceed.

Migrate-Files-12Finally, restart the Server service for the new shares to take effect:


or, of course we can use the Powershell cmdlets Restart-Service and Get-Service