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Azure Data Box

Azure Data Box is Microsoft’s parallel of AWS’¬† Snowball Edge or/and Google Transfer Appliance. It’s the evolution of Azure Import/Export service that allows a client to use client-provided disk to import/export data to/from Azure. As of April 2018;

Basic information

  • Azure Data Box is a 45 lb. NAS
  • 80 TB Usable Storage / 100 TB Physical Storage
  • Cost $80 + shipping both ways + Egress charges if exporting from Azure
  • 7-10 days processing time from device receipt date

Use Case

File share transfer/initial seeding

  • Azure Data Box connects to the client network as an IP NAS
  • Client uses¬†WAImportExport free tool to copy BitLocker encrypted data to the Azure Data Box at local on-premises LAN speeds
  • At LAN speed of 1 Gbps and sustained local disk transfer rate of 128 MB/s, it takes about 7.5 days to copy 80 TB of data, provided the client does not require/impose copy throttling to maintain adequate data access performance.


  • Azure Data Box provides a free short term rental of a 100TB NAS. Alternatively a client can use their own disk(s) or NAS devices to transfer data to Azure using the same steps.
  • Azure Data Box is not intended for VM replication or migration.
  • It takes about 3 weeks between start of 80TB local data copy on-premises to data being available in Azure Storage Account (1+ week for local copy, 1+ week for Microsoft processing + shipping time)
  • Azure Data Box is useful in case of transferring mostly static data from on-premises to Azure. Daily data change rate must be below 5% (otherwise 100% of the data could have changed during the 20 day between start copy and data available in Azure)