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Validate-NameResolution cmdlet added to AZSBTools PowerShell module

In the course of IAAS VM migrations from on-premises to Azure, the VM IP address changes. In Windows VM we typically invoke a command like

ipconfig /registerdns



which is part of the DnsClient PowerShell module.

The Validate-NameResolution cmdlet part of the AZSBTools module, queries each DNS server in the current AD to make sure that all DCs in the current AD forest resolve a given computer name to the same IP. This helps to diagnose instances where DNS partition replication is not functioning properly, where some DC’s resolve a given computer name to the old on-premises IP while others resolve the same name to the new Azure IP.

This cmdlet takes one required parameter -ComputerName which accepts one or more computer names

Example: Validate-NameResolution -ComputerName ‘myTestPC’

The cmdlet outputs interim information to the console like:

In addition, it also returns PSCustom Objects, one for each resolved IP address with the following properties: ComputerName, ResolvesTo, and DNSServer similar to:

To use the AZSBTools PowerShell module which is available in the PowerShell Gallery, you need PowerShell 5. To view your PowerShell version, in an elevated PowerShell ISE window type


To download and install the latest version of AZSBTools from the PowerShell Gallery and its dependencies, type

Set-PSRepository -Name PSGallery -InstallationPolicy Trusted 
Install-Module AZSBTools,AzureRM -Force

AZSBTools contains functions that depend on AzureRM module, and they’re typically installed together.

To load the AZSBTools and AzureRM modules type:

Import-Module AZSBTools,AzureRM -DisableNameChecking

To view a list of cmdlets/functions in SB-Tools, type

Get-Command -Module AZSBTools

To view the built-in help of one of the AZSBTools functions/cmdlets, type

help <function/cmdlet name> -show

such as

help New-SBAZServicePrincipal -show