Powershell script to validate if a folder exists, creates it if not, creates subfolders if needed

This function will  validate that a folder exists, and creates the folder if missing.

If the -NoCreate switch is used the function will not create a missing folder

The function will create missing subfolders as well

The parameter -FolderName can be local like ‘c:\folder 1\folder 2’ or UNC path like ‘\\server\share\folder 1\folder 2’

The -NoCreate switch insructs the function to NOT create the folder if missing

The function returns a TRUE/FALSE value. The function returns TRUE if:

  • The folder exists
  • The folder did not exist but was created by the function

The function will return FALSE if:

  • The folder doesn’t exist and the -NoCreate switch is used
  • The folder doesn’t exist and the function failed to create it

The function will create the folder tree if it does not exist. For example, if c:\sandbox has no subfolders and we run the cmdlet:

Validate-Folder f1\22\33\44\55\66\77\88 -Verbose

It will create the folders:

  • c:\sandbox\f1 and
  • c:\sandbox\f1\22 and
  • c:\sandbox\f1\22\33 and
  • c:\sandbox\f1\22\33\44 and
  • c:\sandbox\f1\22\33\44\55 and
  • c:\sandbox\f1\22\33\44\55\66 and
  • c:\sandbox\f1\22\33\44\55\66\77 and
  • c:\sandbox\f1\22\33\44\55\66\77\88



Validate-Folder -FolderName c:\folder1
This example checks if folder c:\folder1 exists, creates it if not,
returns TRUE if exists or created, returns FALSE if failed to create missing folder

Validate-Folder -FolderName ‘c:\folder 2’ -NoCreate
This example checks if ‘c:\folder 2’ exists, return TRUE if it does, FALSE if it doesn’t

if (Validate-Folder ‘c:\folder 1\sub 2’) { ‘hi’ | Out-File ‘c:\folder 1\sub 2\file.txt’ }
This example checks if folder ‘c:\folder 1\sub 2’ exists,
creates it if it doesn’t,
creates file ‘c:\folder 1\sub 2\file.txt’, and
writes ‘hi’ to it

@(‘c:\folder1′,’\\server\share\folder 4’) | % { Validate-Folder $_ -Verbose }
This example validates if the folders in the input array exist, creates them if they don’t



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  1. Works like a charm.

    March 19, 2018 at 4:19 pm

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