Powershell script to list StorSimple network interface information including MAC addresses

In many cases we can obtain the IP address of a network interface via one command but get the MAC address from another command. StorSimple 8k series which runs a core version of server 2012 R2 (as of 20 June 2016) is no exception. In this case we can get the IP address information of the device network interfaces via the Get-HCSNetInterface cmdlet. However, to identify MAC addresses we need to use the Get-NetAdapter cmdlet. This Powershell script merges the information from both cmdlets presenting a PS Object collection, each of which has the following properties:

  • InterfaceName
  • IPv4Address
  • IPv4Netmask
  • IPv4Gateway
  • MACAddress
  • IsEnabled
  • IsCloudEnabled
  • IsiSCSIEnabled

Script output may look like:


For more information about connecting to StorSimple via PowerShell see this post.



One response

  1. Joe Glim

    Sam – I’m using your ping-report-v2 powershell script to check on server health after monthly patching. I’m running into an issue though, where I need to access machines in a different domain – there is a 1 way trust setup with this other domain, but I need to supply different credentials to access the machines in this remote domain. I tried adding a -Credential parameter top the script, but instead of accepting the value once, it’s prompting me to enter the credentials for EVERY machine that is listed in the group. I figure the credential needs to be set outside of the FOR loop, which I tried.. without success. Any idea what I need to do ?

    June 8, 2017 at 2:12 am

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