StorSimple 8k update to version 2.0 (17673)

StorSimple update 2.0 brings in a number of new exciting features such as Locally Pinned Volumes, OVA (On-premise Virtual Array), and enhanced SVA (StorSimple Virtual Array) model 8020 with 64TB capacity as opposed to 30 TB capacity of the prior model 1100 (now renamed 8010).

Update 2.0 is another intrusive update that requires down time. It includes LSI firmware update (KB 3121900), and SSD disk firmware update (KB 3121899).

Prior to the update, we can see the device running Software version 1.2 (17584)


This can also be seen from the serial or Powershell interfaces by using the Get-HcsSystem cmdlet:


Ensure that both controllers have routable IPs

As suggested by the update instructions, we ensure that both controllers 0 and 1 have routable IPs prior to start. To do so, I ping some external Internet IP address such as from each of the controllers’ fixed IPs:

From Controller 0 (the prompt must say ‘Controller0>’):

Test-HcsConnection -Source -Destination

A positive response looks like:


From Controller 1 (the prompt must say ‘Controller1>’):

Test-HcsConnection -Source -Destination


Phase I – Software update – start the update from the Azure Management Interface

In the classic portal, under the device Maintenance page, click Install Updates at the bottom:


check the box and the check mark:


Pre-upgrade checks are started:


And a Software Update Job is created:




Unlike prior updates, the 2.0 update starts on the passive controller:


Under the StorSimple Manager/Jobs page, we can see an update job in progress:


The controller being updated will reboot several times. During the update we’ll see unusual controller health and state information in the portal:


This is normal while the update is in progress.

A few hours later, we can see that the passive controller has been patched to version 2.0


and that a controller failover has occurred, where controller 1 is now active, and controller 0 (now passive) is being patched:


About 4.5 hours the first phase of the update is finished:


We can see the device in normal state and health under the Maintenance page:


Phase II – Maintenance Mode LSI firmware update

Unfortunately this is an intrusive update that requires down time, similar to phase 2 of StorSimple version 1.2 update posted here.

To summarize the steps of maintenance mode updates:

  • Schedule a down-time window
  • Offline all StorSimple iSCSI volumes on the file servers
  • Run a manual cloud snapshot of all volumes
  • On the Device serial (not Powershell) interface, put the device in Maintenance mode:
    Both controllers will reboot
  • Patch controller 0:
    Check update progress:
  • After controller o is patched repeat last step on controller 1 to patch it
  • Finally exit Maintenance mode:
    Both controllers will reboot

The device is now back in normal operating condition, and we can online the volumes back on the file servers.

3 responses

  1. Dean

    Hi Sam, How do I change controllers so I can run a test-connection on the other controller?

    May 19, 2016 at 9:43 pm

    • In the Azure Management Interface, under your StorSimple Manager, under the device, under the Maintenance page, click Manage Controllers at the bottom center, and reboot the active controller. This will initiate a failover to the passive controller.

      May 20, 2016 at 8:20 am

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