StorSimple 1200 OVA (On-premises Virtual Array) deployment

In January 2016 Microsoft released a new version of StorSimple, that’s a virtual device that can be deployed on-premises. This is commonly referred to as OVA (On-premises Virtual Array). The online documentation lists its features and installation/management instructions.

Create StorSimple Manager service

At this time (22 January, 2016) we have 2 ‘flavors’ of the StorSimple Manager service in Azure:

  1. Physical Device Series: This is the traditional StorSimple Manager service that is used to manage physical devices models 8100 and 8600 and the virtual devices models 8010 (formerly 1100) and 8020
  2. Virtual Device Series: This is the new StorSimple Manager service that’s used to manage the new On-Premises Virtual Array (OVA)

A StorSimple Manager service of the latter ‘flavor’ can be created in the Azure Management Interface by selecting the ‘Virtual Device Series’ option:


The OVA is in early ‘Preview’ release as of 26 January 2016, and many expected features are not available yet. For example, the Virtual Device Series StorSimple Manager service appears to be currently available only in East and West Japan regions!?

I recommend not checking the box to ‘Create a new Azure Storage Account’ here, and to manually create a storage account. I recommend creating a Storage account that’s physically closest to where the OVA will run to achieve lowest WAN latency. I also recommend using Geo-redundant storage.

Deploy StorSimple 1200 OVA (On-Premises Virtual Array)

This OVA is made available as a VHD image for Hyper-V or VMDK image for VMWare.

I deployed the OVA on a Server running Windows 2012 R2 and the Hyper-V role, using the following configuration:

  • Generation 1 VM
  • 8 GB static RAM
  • 4 CPU cores
  • 1 NIC
  • 500 GB dynamic VHDX disk on virtual SCSI adapter

This script automates the task of deploying the OVA on Hyper-V (2012 R2)

Sample script output:


Log in using ‘Password1’, and change the password


You’ll see a display similar to the following (I’m not using DHCP on this network):


Similar to other versions of StorSimple, we’re provided a restricted version of Powershell where only a handful of cmdlets are exposed:


I use the Set-HcsIPAdress and Get-HcsIPAddress cmdlets to set and verify the OVA IP settings:


The Set-HcsIPAddress does not return any output even with the -verbose parameter!? I guess no news is good news..

StorSimple 1200 OVA (On-Premises Virtual Array) initial configuration

At this point, the rest of the OVA device configuration occurs from the device local web interface:


Log in with the new password you set in the prior step:


We then get this screen:


Network settings (note that it can use DHCP):


Device settings:


In this page we can change the device name and join it to an on-premises AD domain. I’m accepting the default option to use this OVA as an SMB file server (NAS) not as an iSCSI SAN.

Time settings:


Get the Service Registration Key from your StorSimple Manager:


and enter that in the Cloud Settings page to register the OVA with your StorSimple Manager service:


As of 26 January 2016, there’s no way to recover/change the service data encryption key on the ‘Virtual Device’ type of StorSimple Manager.






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