StorSimple 8k series factory reset

In some situations you may need to factory reset your 8k series StorSimple hybrid storage array. There are a few things you should know before you proceed:

  • Offline the volume(s) in the file server(s) under Disk Management
  • Clean up Azure objects (the order here is important):
    Offline and delete all volumes in the Azure classic portal. Delete volume containers. Delete backup policies (important). Delete associated Storage  Account(s) if not used for any other purpose. In the Azure classic portal, deactivate the deviceSS-001

Prior to deactivating the device in the Azure Management Interface, the Get-HcsSystem cmdlet will show a display similar to: HCS001

Looking for ‘Normal’ on all 3: Controller 0 Status, Controller 1 Status, and System Mode. If not, factory reset will fail. This will need Microsoft support assistance to get the device back out of Recovery mode.

After deactivating the device in the Azure Management Interface, the Get-HcsSystem cmdlet will show a display similar to:


Notice that SystemMode now says ‘Decommissioned’.

The device will reboot several times. The process can take few hours.

One issue we have now (12 January 2016) is that the device reverts back to the version it shipped with – that’s version 0.2, regardless of what version it was running prior to the factory reset. This means that after re-installation, the device needs to be updated to the latest version which takes several hours. updates may include Maintenance mode updates which require downtime and may need to be installed manually via the device serial console.

This can be seen in this image as well:


Notice that the device is on version 17584 (1.2) while the (source) VHD version is still 17361 (0.2). Part of the factory reset process is copying over the source VHD to the boot VHD; from which the device boots.


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