StorSimple 8k Device Software Version 1.2 (17584)

In this post I will go over the changes in Powershell cmdlets made available in StorSimple Software update 1.2 (17584)

To connect to StorSimple Powershell you can use the script in this post.

First, I identify the software version running on the device by using the Get-HcsSystem cmdlet:


Next, I get a list of available cmdlets:


As noted in prior posts, there are many more cmdlets in the Powershell Core, Utility, Management, HCS, and other PS modules. However, Microsoft has locked down the available cmdlets on this device.

Next, using this script I collect the commands’ information in an XML file.

65 cmdlets are exposed in StorSimple Update 1.2, compared to 58 in Update 0.2.

Comparing v0.2 to v1.2 shows 7 new cmdlets:


See this link for more information on HCS cmdlets, and this link for new features in StorSimple Software Update 1.2




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