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  1. Marc Gijsman

    Hi Sam,
    I am searching the web for details on the StorSimple Channel Encryption Key but i can’t seem to find any.
    Do you have any insights?


    March 13, 2017 at 6:13 am

    • See my post at http://www.exigent.net/blog/microsoft-azure/azure-storsimple-provides-a-secure-storage-option-for-healthcare-sector/

      Encryption of management data: Data transmitted between the administrator browser at the Azure management portal is encrypted on the browser itself using Java script with the public certificate (public portion of the Channel Encryption Key – CEK). Management data transmitted from Azure to the device is decrypted by the private part of the (CEK) certificate that only the device maintains. Channel Encryption Key (CEK) is an asymmetric key pair generated randomly when the first physical device is registered with the StorSimple Manager Service.

      The CEK is typically not mentioned in the course of StorSimple admin training since there’s nothing to configure or manage about it.

      May I ask what’s your interest in the CEK?

      March 13, 2017 at 12:31 pm

      • Gijsman, Marc

        Hi Sam,

        Thank you for your swift reply.

        We are implementing two StorSimple 8600 appliances at an insureance compagny. They review and document all outgoing and incoming connections for the datacenters. This means we need detailed information on the StoSimple connections including encryption details like,

        Supported TLS version

        Signature algorithm

        Public key size in bits

        Supported cipher suites

        Secure Renegotiation

        BEAST protection

        CRIME protection

        Forward Secrecy

        OCSP Stapling

        But i can’t to seem to find these kind of details.

        Regards, Marc Gijsman | Systems Specialist| Cloud & Infrastructure Services (C & IS) Sogeti Nederland B.V. | Lange Dreef 17 | 4131 NJ | Vianen | KvK Utrecht nr. 30200252 T +31 (0)88 660 66 00[X] +2653 (nakiezen) | F +31 (0)88 660 66 67[X] | M + 31 (0)6 10 342 308 http://www.sogeti.nl | Marc.Gijsman@sogeti.com

        P Denk aan het milieu en print dit bericht alleen als het noodzakelijk is


        March 14, 2017 at 3:28 am

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