Monitoring StorSimple Backups

Currently (10 November, 2015) StorSimple 8k provides email alerts regarding a range of error conditions. Email Alerts can be configured per device in the Azure Management Interface under the Device/Configure screen:


However, the Azure Interface does not currently provide for notification regarding successful backup jobs. Some clients have requested daily email notification of StorSimple backup jobs for both failed and successful jobs. This script does just that.

The top section of the script has the input region where you should enter the information specific to your environment:Monitor-StorSimple04

In the Azure Management Interface, under the StorSimple Manager/Dashboard page, you can see the Subscription Name, Subscription ID, and StorSimple Manager Name. Monitor-StorSimple05

On the same page, click Registration Key at the bottom center to copy it.Monitor-StorSimple06

The TargetDeviceName is your StorSimple Device Name as seen on the StorSimple Manager/Devices page:


‘Duration’ variable in the script is set to 7 (days) by default. This will report on backups that ran in the past 7 days from the script execution time.

‘LogFile’ and ‘HTMLFile’ variables should point to local or network paths. That’s where the script will create its log and HTML files (output). If/when this script is set to run as a scheduled job or task, you need to make sure that it runs under credentials that have read/write access to these 2 paths.

‘EmailSender’ is what the email notification would appear to come from. This may or may not be an existing email account.

‘EmailRecipients’ is where you can add the email addresses of who should receive this report. You can add more than one recipient, each on a line.

‘SMTPServer’ is your email relay server. You should configure your SMTP relay server to allow relay from the computer running the script. Details will depend on your environment specific email relay requirements.

You need to run this script in Powershell as Administrator NOT Powershell ISE.

Finally, setup a scheduled job or task to run this script daily or as frequently as needed.

Sample script output:


Sample email:



3 responses

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  2. thank for sharing, very useful! 🙂

    March 7, 2017 at 9:14 am

  3. Lorenzo

    Script works great ! my StorSimple unit has been transitioned to the new ARM portal and the next time the script ran it returned no results. Is there a way to modify the current script to query the new portal or is there a new script to run ? Any help would be great appreciated.

    October 11, 2017 at 9:15 am

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