StorSimple 8k Device Software Version 1.0 (17491)

StorSimple device software version 1.0 was released on 9/15/2015. In this post I will go over the changes in Powershell cmdlets made available in this update.

To connect to StorSimple Powershell you can use the script in this post.

First, I identify the software version running on the device by using the Get-HcsSystem cmdlet:


Next, I get a list of available cmdlets:


Obviously, there are many more cmdlets in the Powershell Core, Utility, Management, HCS, and other PS modules. However, Microsoft has locked down the available cmdlets on this device since it’s a Microsoft-managed device. This limits the ability of Microsoft Partners, clients, and IT providers to troubleshoot the device.

Next, using this script I collected the commands’ information in an XML file, primarily for comparison with future versions of the software to be able to identify added/removed/changed cmdlets

$SSCommands = Invoke-Command -Session $SSSession { Get-Command }
$SSCommandDetails = @()
$SSCommands | % {
    $SSCommandDetails += Invoke-Command -Session $SSSession { 
        Get-Help $ -Full 
$SSCommandDetails | Export-Csv '.\StorSimplev1-0_commands.csv' -NoTypeInformation
$SSCommandDetails | Export-Clixml '.\StorSimplev1-0_commands.xml'

65 cmdlets were identified. Their properties look like:


This is also nice for offline review of available cmdlets. So, the array object can be reloaded later using import-clixml cmdlet, making cmdlet details available when a StorSimple device is not.

For example, here’s the first cmdlets in this array:



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