Powershell Script to move VHD(x) from one Hyper-V VM to another

This script will detach a VHD(x) disk from one Hyper-V VM and attach it to another. If the guest OS is Windows 2012 or above, this is safe to do directly (obviously not with system\boot partition). Older guest Windows OS’s will blue-screen if a disk is yanked without off-lining it first in the guest OS. The script can be downloaded from the Microsoft Script Center Repository.

For example:

Move-VHD -SourceVM vHost22 -TargetVM v-2012R2-G2a -VHDX ‘vHost01d(Web)-D.vhdx’ -Verbose

Will detach the VHDx disk ‘vHost01d(Web)-D.vhdx’ from vHost22 VM and attach it to v-2012R2-G2a VM


 This script uses the RegexSafe Powershell function described here.


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