Powershell function/tool to detect if computer has Internet access

This tiny function makes it very easy to check if the computer running a script has Internet access or not. This becomes handy in controller scripts that monitor other computers or services on the Internet. The script can be downloaded from the Microsoft Script Center Repository.

For example:

if (IamOnline) { "I'm online" } else { "I'm offline" } 

If any of the 3 default input URLs returns a status code, it’s considered online and function returns a positive result.

In the following example, I use the function in two different ways. The first ‘if’ statement checks if the computer running the script is online, while the second ‘if’ statement checks if $MyURL is online:

$MyURL = 'http://mycustomurl.com/abc/cde/page.html'
if (IamOnline) { 
    If (IamOnline $MyURL) { 
        Write-Host "$MyURL is online" -Fore Green
    } else {
        Write-Host "$MyURL is offline" -Fore Yellow
} else { 
    Write-Host "I'm offline" -Fore Yellow



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