Creating new Azure Storage Account using Powershell

To get started with Azure Powershell see this post.

In Powershell ISE run these cmdlets:

$Params = @{
    StorageAccountName = "swa2east" 
    Location = "East Us"
    Type = "Standard_LRS"
if (Test-AzureName -Storage -Name $StorageAccountName) {
    "Storage account name '$StorageAccountName' is already taken, try another one"
} else {
    New-AzureStorageAccount @Params

Azure Storage Account can have up to 500 TB of data, and we can have up to 100 Storage Accounts per Subscription (December 2014). Most importantly in my opinion is that Azure Storage Account has 20k IOPS limit. This is a lot, but must be considered when planning Azure deployments. At 500 IOPS per disk, this means we should keep a maximum of 40 disks in any given Storage Account. We should also keep other storage such as block blob storage in separate Storage Account.

Storage Account needs:


Must be globally unique, 3-24 characters, lowercase letters & numbers only

Location (as of December 2014): (Get-AzureLocation).Name

West Europe
North Europe
East US 2
Central US
South Central US
West US
East US
Southeast Asia
East Asia
Japan West



For more information on Azure Storage Accounts see this link.


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