Windows 10 Technical Preview – early look at the user interface

Just installed Windows 10 Technical Preview as a Gen 2 VM on Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V. Here’s what we know:

It comes with IE 11:



The start menu looks like a combo of Windows 7 and Windows 8 tile:



I pinned the Powershell icons to the task bar, they were not there before..

Clicking on the logged on name on top bring up 3 options:



Trying the “Change account picture”:



I browsed to a picture and selected it. The browse dialog box defaulted to the Pictures folder:


The Lock option worked as expected:


By default it brought on the on screen keyboard..

The Sign out option had an error:

Win10a18Sign out anyway option worked, and I was signed out.

If you click All Apps at the bottom of the start menu you see:


Trying the search field:


I clicked Computer Management link on top expecting to get this:


but instead I got a Bing search:


I was able to get to the Computer Management tool via right-clicking on “This PC” in File Explorer and choosing Manage:


It seems anything you search for in the “Search Anywhere” box simply brings a Bing search..

See this link for information on how to switch between the Windows 7 style start menu and the Windows 8 style start screen (tiles)


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