New ‘New-SBSeed’ function added to SBTools module creates random files for disk IO performance

SBTools module can be downloaded from the Microsoft Script Center Repository.

To install it, extract the .rar file, and run install-SBTools.ps1 in the folder where you extracted the .rar file.


This is a recursive function to create files for disk performance testing. Files will have random numbers as content. File name will have ‘Seed’ prefix and .txt extension.

Function will start with the smallest seed file of 10KB, and end with the Seed file specified in the -SeedSize parameter.

Function will create seed files in order of magnitude starting with 10KB and ending with ‘SeedSize’.

Files will be created in the current folder.

This function takes 1 parameter: SeedSize. This is the size of the largest seed file generated. Accepted values are:



New-SBSeed -SeedSize 10MB -Verbose

This example creates seed files starting from the smallest seed 10KB to the seed size specified in the -SeedSize parameter 10MB.
To see the output you can type in:

Get-ChildItem -Path .\ -Filter *Seed*

Sample output:

Mode LastWriteTime Length Name
—- ————- —— —-
-a— 8/6/2014 8:26 AM 102544 Seed100KB.txt
-a— 8/6/2014 8:26 AM 10254 Seed10KB.txt
-a— 8/6/2014 8:39 AM 10254444 Seed10MB.txt
-a— 8/6/2014 8:26 AM 1025444 Seed1MB.txt


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