Powershell script to change printer IP address

netprintA question was posted in Powershell.org Q&A forum:

I have a weird question. Can you modify object properties. the command
Get-PrinterPort 192.* | fl *
prints out all the attributes of the printer port. but I can’t modify them. I don’t want to create a new port and start from scratch, just modify the existing object. Or maybe export the export and then import it, modified, into the new one.

This script does just that. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Script Center Repository.

The reason we cannot modify the existing printer port object is that the Get-Printer commandlet uses the MSFT_TCPIpPrinterPort class. This class has the 2 properties we want to change (HostAddress and Name) but they’re read-only.

Even if we try to use the Win32_TCPIpPrinterPort class, as in:

$OldIP = “”
$NewIP = “”
$objPrinterPort = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_TCPIpPrinterPort | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq “IP_$OldIP”}
$objPrinterPort.psbase.scope.options.EnablePrivileges = $true
$objPrinterPort.HostAddress = $NewIP
$objPrinterPort.Name = “IP_$NewIP”

This does not modify the existing Printer Port, it creates a new one..

Example script usage:


Script output looks like:




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