PDT error ADK81\adksetup.exe incorrect version


PDT is the Powershell Deployment Toolkit for System Center developed by Rob Willis of Microsoft.


When you run the PDT VMCreator.ps1 script you get error:

..Failed ADK81 incorrect version



Edit line 2828 of workflow.xml changing it from:




This is the current version (as of 5/24/2014) of adksetup.exe which is located under Installer\Prerequisites\ADK81 folder:


Alternative work- around:

You can run VMCreator.ps1 with the -SkipValidation switch



One response

  1. Rod Kruetzfeld

    I’m seeing the error later on during the build process as VMM and AppController are built out. I noticed the workflow.xml indicates File Version vs Product Version. The file version includes a .0 at the end of the version string. Adding that additional trailing .0 did not help the build process either. I validated the version of the ADKSetup.exe, it matches my edited version in Workflow.xml

    September 9, 2015 at 5:11 pm

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